Join the lab!

Graduate students

PhD. students are encouraged to contact me for the graduate program in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at UNC-CH starting in 2019. 

The Tucker lab works on a broad range of questions under the umbrella of community ecology. Students should be interested in developing both quantitative and experimental skill sets, since the lab’s aim is to combine theoretical and empirical work to identify important ecological mechanisms. Potential topics for student research include applying functional and phylogenetic approaches to ecology, testing mechanisms for multi-species coexistence, understanding species’ responses to abiotic conditions, and implications of community assembly for ecosystem functioning. There is flexibility in terms of projects and students are strongly encouraged to develop their own projects and research directions within the lab’s general area of work. Students interested in using laboratory-based aquatic microcosms are particularly welcomed. 

Students should have strong quantitative skills (e.g. some college-level math or statistical courses) or be willing to gain them as part of their PhD. It is strongly desirable for students to have previous research experience and some coding experience (R, python, Mathematica, etc). Students will be funded with a combination of teaching and research assistantships. If you have a strong academic/research record, you are also encouraged to apply for the NSF GRFP program.

Chapel Hill offers world-class research opportunities with a good (and relatively inexpensive) quality of life. Chapel Hill, along with Durham and Raleigh, forms the Research Triangle region of NC, which attracts a diverse group of people and cultures. Chapel Hill has a warm climate with mild winters, is within hours of both mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, and is home to a great diversity of flora and fauna. 

The deadline for application materials submitted to the graduate school is December 2018. However, interested students should contact me first to discuss research interests and qualifications. Please email me at and provide some information about your past research experience and your research interests going forward. Also please provide include your GPA, GRE scores, and any relevant information about your education.

Postdoctoral Fellows

There is potential for a postdoc position in the lab. Contact me for more information - please include a C.V. and a description of your research interests and experience and your ideas for potential projects.